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  BRUCE LEE BAND - Beautiful World
  Brutal Cherie - cours ou crève
  Bunkum - still drunk
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  Burning Heads - KXLU live 1999
  Can't Bear This Party - ain't no princess
  Cartouche - A corps perdu
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  Cartouche - bread and roses
  Cartouche - je trahirai demain
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  catch 22 - keasbey nights
  Charge 69 - apparence jugée + region sacrifiée
  Charge 69 - much more than music
  Charge 69 - vos lois ne sont pas nos règles
  Charlottefield - how long are you staying
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  Charly Fiasco - chroniques d'un temps détourné
  Charly Fiasco - un brin d'essence dans la déroute
  CHRIS MURRAY - 4-Trackaganza !
  Chris Murray - raw
  Chubby Faced - Suggestion
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  Cityscover - nice to meet you life
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  Claque 40 - chute de classe
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  Classics of Love - st
  Clumsy + Off Broadway - split
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  Cobra Skulls - american rubicon
  Communicaution - unfixed
  Condkoi - albi LIVE ... I can fly
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  Cooper - right now !
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  Coquettish - 2
  Corbillard - enfoncer le clou
  Corbillard - faux et usage de faux
  Corbillard - j'irai m'crasher sur vos tombes
  Core y Gang - ego-systeme
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  Couch Divers - change your frequency