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  The Ditch - st
  The Hallingtons - 1-2-3-4 songs
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  The Hallingtons - running from the USSR
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  The Hangups - st
  The Hunger - winter
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  The Kimberly Steaks - chemical imbalance
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  The Lemonaids - sugar bomb
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  The manges - bad juju single
  The No Marks + Hyalin - split
  The Nuts - st
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  The Ratcliffs - captain supermarket
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  The Ratcliffs - junkyard barbecue
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  The Real Danger + The Windowsill - split
  The Real Danger - demo
  The Real Danger - someday soon
  The Slow Death + Epic Problem - split
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  The Violent Hearts - porcelain world / hex on me
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  The World Inferno Friendship Society : Turnstile comix #2
  Thrashington DC + The Patrons - to the bone split
  Thrashington DC - the smadja EP
  Tiistain Kyynel - sosiaalista kohinaa
  Tim Vantol - st
  Tough - hurricane
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  Traverse - winter songs from summer bruises
  Trouble Every Day + Stick Around - split
  Union Jack - deadpan
  Unlogistic + DFI - split
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  Versu You + The Gamits + Killtime - "rocket to rushmore" split
  Versus You - this war is like a drug to you
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  Versus You - you better
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  Vulgaires Machins - 7" acoustique
Vulgaires Machins
  Wanke for Peace + Prevenge - split