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  Guerilla Poubelle - TS fest 18
  Union Jack - Violence
  Stalled Minds - st
  Dirty Fonzy - Riot in the pit
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  Youth Avoiders - Relentless
  Charly Fiasco - Rien
  SPORT - discography 3 LPs + 1 EP
  All This Mess - st
  Zone Infinie - Rester et fuir
  Even In Blackout - romantico
  Geoff Palmer - pulling out all the stops
  Local Drags - shit's looking up
  Young Harts - ep
YOUNG HARTS Out of Stock
  The Attendants - monsters chronicles
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  Spanner - we won't be stopped
  Accidente - pulso
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  Gummo - sheltered despair
  Lucy and the Rats - stick to you
  Hateful Monday - unfrightened
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  Überyou - night shifts
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  Mon Dragon - st
  Rich Widows - love
  The Panther Party - leave a trace
  Ed Warner - ruins of nations
  Guilhem - bad art
  Guerilla Poubelle - Arms Aloft - affiche Europe tour 2019
  Soft Animals - st
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  Sweet Empire - a new cycle
  No Vale Nada - Alter ego
  Guerilla Poubelle - patch tissé Amor Fati - tombe
  Quitters - singing like nobody's listening
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  Angry Sometimes - thirty minutes without god