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  AS YOU WERE #3 big, big changes
  AS YOU WERE #1 - house shows
  AS YOU WERE #4 - living situations
  OUR BEST SHOT : the true story of an illegal supervised injection facility in the USA
  AS YOU WERE #5 - this job sucks !
  No Gods No Dungeon Masters
  Squatters of Trash Island
  Michael Sweater - THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. a please keep warm collection
  Benji Nate - CATBOY
  Ben Passmore - your black friend
  The World Inferno Friendship Society : Turnstile comix #2
  Lemuria : turnstile comix #3
  Guerilla Asso - PINS passion before profit
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  Not Scientists - golden staples
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  Harassment - the rope
  Missratched - synanthropie
  Listix - from bones to the core
  Lost Love - Good Luck Rassco
  Stygmate - sans couleurs fixes
  Crête et Paquerette - aussi vif qu'un clou
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  Faux Départ - au pied du mur
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  7yearsbaduck - great big nothing
  The Ferrets - another planet
  Twinkies - un plan genial
  The snipers - the science of muddlin' thru
  Rene SG - fucko
  Ratbones - the pop experience
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  The Hallingtons - 1-2-3-4 songs
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  The Hangups - st
  Vegan Piranha - last scream of youth
  Lame Shot - Try Again !