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UK Punks One - VA

compile punk anglais

1 –Conflict Mighty & Superior
2 –Raw Poo Big Boobs
3 –The Cunts Red Alert
4 –The Something Somethings I Love Booze
5 –The Bus Station Loonies The Blacksmith's Arms
6 –Citizen Fish Getting Used To It
7 –My Own Religion This Little Piggy...
8 –2 Sick Monkeys 24/7
9 –The Lobotomies Holidays & Holy Wars
10 –Shrapnel Suntan Stoopid
11 –Rabies Babies Madhouse
12 –Kamikaze Sperm Identity Crisis
13 –Spitroast Sudden Rush Ov Blood To My Cock
14 –Chiggy Chone Kick In The Teeth
15 –Six Fish Music Pollution
16 –Short Bus Window Lickers Zombie Nightmare
17 –Acid Tongue Fuck Guns
18 –Eastfield Burt Reynolds Rides Again
19 –Officer Down Time We Were Liberated!
20 –Dirty Love Trashed
21 –3CR Spitroasted Groupies
22 –The Hypocrites Rave Ska
23 –The Upstarts Off The Ground
24 –Power Corrupts Palestine
25 –The Straitjackets Blood On My Hands
26 –The Dead Pets If It Sells, It Sells
27 –The Extinguishers Take The Blame
28 –The Filaments Better Way

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