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Punk Shit #3 - VA

1 – Intro
2 –Perkele Gone Too Far
3 –Yorkshire Rats Yorkshire Bastard
4 –Mouthguard Fial "F" For Fucked Up
5 –The Cunts Still A Wanker
6 –Bloody Sods Loaded Gun
7 –Eastfield S.W.A.Y.Z.E.
8 –Disturbance What About Us?
9 –Dik Guru The Job Seeker
10 –Greenland Whalefishers Set Me Free
11 –3CR Columbo
12 –The Veros Bad Reputation
13 –Dogshit Sandwich Anti-Corporate Phone Message
14 –The Clichés Working Class
15 –Collective Responsibility Cold Dead Hands
16 –Snap Her* I Was A Teenage Lipstick Lesbian
17 –Bottlejob Bullets 4 The Rich
18 –Hippy War Generals Throw Em In A Nursing Home
19 –Mapatasi Bob Hold Me Close
20 –Beyond Description Storm
21 –Runnin Riot (We Only Came To) Dance
22 –K-Jell Struggle And Breakthrough
23 –The Steam Pig The Noble Art Of Human Sacrifice
24 –Froglegs Rumpsteak Serenade
25 –Evil Conduct Intolerance
26 –Bombscare Dissent
27 –Close Combat Spit Blood
28 –Towerblocks Mr Important
29 –D'Corner Bois Parasite
30 –Drongos For Europe Alive
31 –Big Bad Bollocks Drinkup Yabastards
32 –Paul Carter ( Dogs & Cats
33 –Die Nakse Bananen Intelligent Way Of Lying
34 –Bullet Treatment What's Your Problem?
35 –Smelly Anchors Smelly Anchors
36 –Popeye's Dik I Saw Something Moving On Uranus
37 –UK Assassins Government In My Way
38 –Bitches N Bastards Talk
39 –The Nihilists Lazy Sod
40 –Satan's Rejects Bombs Of Peace
41 –Fightin In Someone's House Allright Chap
42 –Sturmbannführer Von Lardster & D'Corner Bois Last Night I Dreamed About Der Führer

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