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The Nuts - upside down

The first LP by Italy's The Nuts is finally there! After their well-acclaimed self-titled debut 7" on Monster Zero, the two girl / one guy poppunk squadra slams back with a big 12" punch of ultra catchy poppunk. Ten 'soon to be' classics, dealing about everyday life emotions.. that everybody feels.. like love, sadness, loneliness or problems of whatever nature. The Nuts find them somewhere between The Muffs, Nikki & The Corvettes, Screeching Weasel and the Manges. Oh, Andrea Manges was involved in the killer 80's artwork by the way.

1 A Night With You
2 On The Edge
3 Can't Seem To Get Away (from You)
4 Cooler Than You
5 My Heart Is Cracked In Two
6 Secret Words
7 Crybaby
8 I Will Be Fine
9 The Flight
10 All You Can Do

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