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  Chaviré - Maintenant Que Les Flammes Sont Partout
  Traverse + Goddamnit - split
  Chester - Art Book "time is on my side" (zine)
  Culture Shock - The humanity show
  Durs Coeurs - Dur dur dur
  Hors Controle - Les couleurs dans le temps
  Contractions - Demain est annulé
  Les Dead Boobs - punk-rock délucratif
  Baffes ou Torgnoles - Pour le cumul des mandales
  The Rebel Asshomes - (Headed for) dysphoria
  Heavy Heart + The Attendants - split
  Tulamort - Des hauts et des bars
  Not Scientists + Johnny Mafia - split
  Contingent Anonyme - Fabula Urbana
  Guerilla Poubelle - TS fest 18
  Union Jack - Violence
  Stalled Minds - st
  Youth Avoiders - Relentless
  Charly Fiasco - Rien
  SPORT - discography 3 LPs + 1 EP
  All This Mess - st
  Zone Infinie - Rester et fuir
  Even In Blackout - romantico
  Geoff Palmer - pulling out all the stops
  Local Drags - shit's looking up
  Young Harts - ep
YOUNG HARTS Out of Stock
  Spanner - we won't be stopped
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  Gummo - sheltered despair
  Lucy and the Rats - stick to you
  Hateful Monday - unfrightened
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  Überyou - night shifts
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