Direct Hit - Brainless god

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Direct Hit - Brainless god

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"Brainless God" is a 12-song horror story brought to you by some not-so-brainless Milwaukee punks. Direct Hit! (henceforth known as The Four Horsemen of Pop Punk) have been tearing up basements and house gigs with their searing live show for a couple years now, and we knew it was time to include them in the Red Scare ranks. Turns out they had an album already written full of frantic hooks and songs that mock The Almighty? Ummm, yes please! Then we enlisted All-American Rejects guitarist and audio maven Mike Kennerty to ensure these 12 apocalyptic episodes were captured properly on tape. This album came out sounding so good you'd almost think Direct Hit! made a pact with Old Scratch himself. Does that mean we have to pay him royalties too?!?
01. On & On
02. The World Is Ending (No One Cares)
03. Buried Alive
04. Getting What He Asked For
05. White Robes
06. Heaven Is A Black Hole
07. We're Fucked
08. Bank Of Elevators
09. Back To The Tower
10. I Told You A Lie
11. Home To You
12. A Message To The Angels Pt. II (Brainless God)

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