Elway - better whenever

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Elway - better whenever

Elway's frontman Tim called to talk about this new record and told us, "I don't want any hoopla or bullshit when this record comes out, we'd rather just let the songs speak for themselves." Well, you're in luck, Tim! Here at Red Scare we have neither the resources or the know-how to provide much hoopla, but he sure was right about the songs. Gone are the "party punk" tunes, and instead there's more riffy, 90's alt-rock like Sunny Day Real Estate or Seaweed. It still bears their trademark Rocky Mountain punk-twang and introspective tone, but there's no doubt that Elway has matured and progressed on "Better Whenever".
1. Our Lady of the Thompson River
2. Albuquerque Low
3. Better Whenever
4. Lunatic Thirteens
5. Shown to the Moon
6. Ten Letter Word
7. Frequent Wind
8. Third Coast Temple
9. Orphan Histories
10. Delano

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