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Various ‎– Mighty Worms Strike! volume 2

1 –Lead Orphans no pants message
2 –Hellbats dark shareolders of pain
3 –Texas Mongols Moonshine Hicks
4 –The Rebel Assholes Hardnroll Madness
5 –Welcome To Miami The (Silent) Cathodic Chaos
6 –The Ronnie Rockets Satisfy Me
7 –Black Zombie Procession Have You Ever Touch Dead Skin
8 –Smallpox One Day
9 –Wayward Gentlewomen My Girl
10 –The Waterguns Twentieth Girl
11 –Jack And The Bearded Fishermen Hold Up On 103 Xt
12 –Taste In Vibes My Place
13 –Nedgeva Release My Pain
14 –The Rebel Assholes I Hate My Boss
15 –Dodge City Outlaws Eat The Dust And Die
16 –Lead Orphans Tripwire
17 –Welcome To Miami Golf 1979
18 –The Ronnie Rockets You Left Me
19 –Smallpox The Simple Life
20 –The Waterguns Fashion And Action
21 –Texas Mongols Kannibal Eater
22 –Taste In Vibes Orientale
23 –Billy The Kill Hangover

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