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  The Murderburgers - the 12 habits of highly defective people
  The Nuts - upside down
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  The Penske File - salvation
  The Phoenix Foundation - no love lost
  The Ponches - hum
  The Priceduifkes - can't lose
  The Queers - punk rock confidential revisited
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  The Ratcliffs - bubblegum warfare
  The Real Danger - down and out
  The Real Danger - making enemies
  The Real Danger - st
  The Smith Street Band - more scared of you than you are of me
The Smith Street Band
  The Tim Version - decline of the southern gentleman
  The Traders - too young... so old
The Traders
  The Wedge - always hate you
  The Windowsill - make your own kind of music
  The Windowsill - showboating
  The Windowsill - st
  This Routine is Hell - the verve crusade
  Toxic Waste - le commun des mortel
  Toys That Kill - the citizen abortion
  Traverse - st
  Tuna - dulpa face
  Turbostaat - schwan
  UDDU - hellcats
  Union Jack - never ending struggle
  UNION JACK - supersonic
  Unlogistic + Crippled Old Farts - split
  Valley - st
  Vegan Piranha - last scream of youth
  Versus You + White Flag - levitate the listener split
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  Versus You - Birthday Boy