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  The Digs - manic
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  The Dutch Rudders - on verra
  The Fake Boys - please, don't go home
  The Fake Boys - this is where our songs live
  The Falcon - gather up the chaps
  The Falcon - unicornography
  The Ferrets - another planet
  The Filaments - land of lions
  The Fingersmiths - come clear
  The French Exit - guts and black stuff
  the Holy Mountain - enemies
  The Horny Bitches - heart and guts
  The Hotelier - goodness
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  The Hunters - art electric
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  The Laurie Stroder's Brothers - grandmothercracy
  The Leeches - on the line
  The Magnificent - bad lucky
  The Manges - all is well
  The Menzingers - chamberlain waits
  The Mugwumps - can't be the one
  The Mugwumps - mutation in the family
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  The Murderburgers - the 12 habits of highly defective people
  The Nuts - upside down
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  The Penske File - salvation
  The Phoenix Foundation - no love lost
  The Ponches - hum
  The Priceduifkes - can't lose
  The Queers - punk rock confidential revisited
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  The Ratcliffs - bubblegum warfare
  The Real Danger - down and out
  The Real Danger - making enemies
  The Real Danger - st