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  Best Practices - the EP LP
  Bien à Toi - alta loma
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  Bike Tuff
  Bitch Boys - more hits than you've expected
  Bitpart - beyond what's left
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  Bitpart - where we are
  Black Code - hanged, drawn and quartered
  Black Sheep - motion pictures
  Black Sheep - the straight line will take you only to death
  Boilerman - loss leaders
  Breakout - nothing in sight
  Brendan Kelly & The Wandering Birds - I'd rather die than live forever
  Brigitte Bop - les gens aiment bien
  Brixton Robbers - carved livers
  Broken - st
  Brutal Cherie - Antisocial et brutal
  Brutal Cherie - cours ou crève
  Brutal Youth - stay honest
  Buried Option - downward
  Caffiends - st
  Canine - boiling drops in an ice-cold ocean
  Cartouche - à venir
  Cartouche - bread and roses
  Catherine Schwartz - LP
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  Caves - always why
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  Caves - leaving
  Charly Fiasco - chroniques d'un temps détourné
  Charly Fiasco - EP
  Charly Fiasco - un brin d'essence dans la déroute
  Charogne Stone - basic core instinct
  Chaviré - des bruits qui restent
  Chaviré - interstices