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PREORDER - BENEFIT SHIRT - Arms Aloft & Guerilla Poubelle Europe Tour

Guerilla Poubelle & Arms Aloft Europe Tour benefit shirt

10 EUROS (or MORE if you can)

All proceeds will go to the CITY PLAZA in Athens.

The City Plaza is a self-organized housing project for homeless refugees in the center of Athens that accommodates 400 people, among them 180 children. City Plaza is a 7-floor abandoned Hotel, which had remained unused for 7 years until it was squatted by activists and refugees in late April 2016.

City Plaza Refugee Accommodation Center emerged as a practical response to the repressive migration and border policies in Greece, the EU-Turkey Deal and the militarization of the borders. It is an answer from the social movements to the entrapment of tens of thousands of refugees in the Greek mainland, the mass detention of refugees in the border regions and the disastrous living conditions for homeless refugees in the cities and the huge, state-run camps.

City Plaza is based on principles of self-organization and autonomy and depends entirely on the political support and practical solidarity from within Greece and abroad.

online orders will be shipped in April.
we will sell those shirt on the EUROPE TOUR too

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