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Garret Dale - Two Ts EP

Garrett Dale (of Red City Radio) has been flirting with the Red Scare family for a few years and we're happy to finally bring him aboard. There was a lot of Tequila shots and backstage weed-smoking to get us to this point, and now we're proud to bring you his solo debut: three songs of slow-roasted ditties from the Sooner State. It's a little bit country, some alt-pop, and lots of soul. Think Tom Waits and Tim Barry sharin' a spliff next to a prairie campfire. FYI, the opening track is actually called "2016 Was Horseshit", but we'll never win the CMAs with all that cussing. And if Garrett doesn't win... well, WE'LL TAKE A HOT PISS ON THOSE SHITTY MOTHERFUCKERS AT THE CMAs. Wait, what?

01. 2016 Was...
02. House Full Of Dogs
03. Down The Rabbit Hole

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