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  22 Longs Riffs - à bout portant
  8°6 Crew - Old reggae friends
  8°6 Crew - Working class reggae
  Accelerators - fuel for the fire
  After The Fall - eradication
  Aggressive Agricultor - consanginité
  Alkaline Trio - maybe I'll catch fire
  Alkaline Trio - st
  Allegiance - heroes in the making
  Antibiotic - ça s'écoute fort
  Antillectual - silencing civilization
  Antillectual - start from scratch
  Antillectual - testimony
  Armalite - st
  Astpai - True Capacity
  Attentat Sonore - le syndrome de stockholm
  Attentat Sonore - operation infiltration
  Attentat Sonore - turbulences
  Atterkop - liber abaci
  Bad Chickens + Dirty Fonzy - split CD
  Baffes ou Torgnoles - Pour le cumul des mandales
  Betty Boots - carpe diem
  Billy The Kill - joy sex & war
  Billy The Kill - love fortune wheel
  Black Sheep - motion pictures
  Black Sheep - première conclusion
  Black Sheep - the straight line will take you only to death
  BLUE MEANIES "Sonic Documentation of Exhibition and Banter" live
  Bonehouse - The Fuse Is Lit
  Boneless - chroniques dun déclin imminent
  Boneless - Cris interieurs
  Bonvivant - tour sampler 2013